Fire restriction in effect for Red Deer County

A restricted fire order is in effect for all of Red Deer County since April 29. A fast spring thaw has created dry conditions, which can lead to a fire growing out of control. 

The county requires that: 

  • All outdoor fires presently burning within Red Deer County whether set with permission or under permit of the County, be extinguished immediately. 
  • The ignition of any outdoor fires within the boundaries of Red Deer County are hereby prohibited. 
  • No new fire permits will be issued until further notice.

This ban doesn’t apply to: 

  • Fires, which are contained within cooking and heating appliances and which are fueled by fluids, gases, or wood pellets. 
  • Fires contained within industrial facilities for operational purposes. 
  • Safe acceptable residential fire pits. 
  • Gas/Propane fueled fire pits/stoves/barbecues.

Any person violating conditions of this ban may be held liable for any damages and/or costs associated with extinguishing the fire and full prosecution with penalties, in accordance with Red Deer County Fire Services Bylaw 2012/14 and/or the Forest Prairie Protection Act RSA.