Blackfalds council approves continuation of temporary penalty relief

At their regular council meeting on June 9, 2020, Blackfalds Town Council again unanimously approved administration’s recommendation to remove penalty charges for late payments over the next three months, for individuals faced with financial strain during these unprecedented times.

“Administration is very happy council approved the temporary relief measure for residents,” said Justin de Bresser, Director of Corporate Services. “It is important that residents apply to the Town to receive the penalty relief over the next three months.”

The Government of Alberta recently announced a promise to help citizens through the economic repercussions that COVID-19 has brought by way of deferring electricity and natural gas charges. In light of this, they also asked that municipalities also offer similar protection for water and sewer charges.

In consideration of the economic impact of the global covid-19 pandemic, and the potential for many citizens to be faced with financial hardship, it is important that the town consider options as a form of relief for those that need it.

“Your town council appreciated the thoughtful recommendation that was brought forward,” said Mayor Richard Poole. “We feel these measures will assist our residents during a period that many, through no fault of their own, may be experiencing difficulties and we will continue to work with Administration to determine if additional actions may be utilized in the coming days and weeks until this crisis has finished.”

Following recommendations from the provincial government that municipalities offer some form of financial relief to citizens, Administration recommended that the Town of Blackfalds waive the five per cent penalty assessed on unpaid utility bills over the next three-month period – specifically June, July and August 2020 for Municipal Utilities.

There will be no penalty fees on property taxes for 2020.

Anyone who is experiencing financial hardships due to the COVID-19 pandemic may apply for penalty relief with the Town of Blackfalds.

If you wish to apply for penalty exemption, please go to the town’s website
No reason is needed to apply for penalty exemption.

Please be advised that although they are not penalizing anyone during this pandemic period, the amounts owed to the town cannot be relieved. However, future allowances, and relief may also be considered as the situation progresses and future considerations may need to be made.