Mirror’s Whistle Stop Cafe showing free drive-in movies

The Whistle Stop Cafe Drive-in located in Mirror is showing free drive-in movies this weekend.

The drive-in was shut down by Alberta Health Services during the COVID-19 pandemic, citing social distancing rules were violated as a reason.

The movies start at about 10:15 p.m. and are free but they will be accepting donations to cover their licensing costs. Anything collected above the licensing costs will be donated to the Mirror Public Skating rink and skate park.

Sound will be through your radio at 88.1 FM. There are speakers to set up as well if your radio isn’t working.

On Friday they are showing How to Train Your Dragon.

On Saturday evening they will show Guardians of the Galaxy Vol II.

The Whistle Stop restaurant is open. Physical distancing rules are in place. People are asked not to get out of their vehicles for any reason other than to pick up food ordered. One person per car may enter the store at a time.

The Whistle Stop is also holding a 50/50 draw this weekend to support the Mirror Public Skating rink and Skate Park.