Volunteers clean up Fairview Cemetery

Volunteers teamed up with City of Lacombe staff to help remove lichen and moss from headstones and monuments –some of which are well over 100 years old.

“It is wonderful to see this many volunteers,” said Community Services Executive Assistant Maureen MacKenzie. “Having people who take pride in their community and want to give back to their community is something we sure embrace.”

The city chose to use approved products and processes, while also protecting the monuments.

“We are using two biologic solutions. They react with the lichen and moss without being too detrimental to the monument or to our volunteers,” MacKenzie said. “We have some fantastic people volunteering here and want to ensure they are safe.”

Being able to continuously care for the cemetery monuments means families will be able to find their loved ones easier and Lacombe’s history will be maintained.

“It is a beautiful place to be. Our cemetery is peaceful, quiet and there is a lot of historical records here,” said MacKenzie.

Further cleaning dates will be determined for the month of September.More information regarding the Fairview Cemetery can be found at http://lacombe.ca/living/cemetery/.