Burman University classes to be delivered online this fall

Burman University classes for fall 2020 will be delivered online. Faculty are going through training and receiving support to adapt their face-to-face courses to online courses.

The government of Alberta has provided a relaunch guide for post-secondary institutions and Burman says they will follow the directives and guidelines stated by the province and its health officials.

“The health and safety of our students, faculty, and staff are our highest priority and plans are in place and will continue to be developed to safeguard our campus and community. Due to government and health guidelines for physical distancing, residence space will be limited on campus.”

Spiritual programming (Vespers, Power Up, Church Service, etc.) will be in person with physical distancing protocols in place. These programs will also be provided online in order to meet the needs of both students on and off campus.

Burman Athletics won’t participate in league play for the fall of 2020. They said they will follow government guidelines for reopening athletic programs.

The decision for the winter semester league play hasn’t yet been determined. Options are available for other activities like the Acronaires who are eligible to be a cohort group. Intramural play is being studied to determine what can be offered under the direction of government protocols.