Clive council concerned about Hwy 12 condition

Coun. calls it ‘one of the crappiest roads in Alberta’

Village of Clive council voiced concerns over the condition of the major provincial highway which serves their community. 

The discussion took place at the Aug. 17 regular meeting of council, which was available through teleconference to meet pandemic guidelines.

Council’s agenda for the evening included an item of new business titled “Condition of Highway 12 – Advocate for Clive residents,” and councillors discussed their general unhappiness with the condition of Hwy 12, the major route to the village.

Coun. Jeremy Whelan said he was concerned about the state of the road, noting he is a motorcyclist and was alarmed at problems he had operating his bike on Hwy 12 due to the condition of the pavement.

Whelan said chip repair debris has been left laying on the shoulder of the road, thick enough that if a motorcycle is driven into it, it affects the rider’s ability to control it.

Village of Clive council is sending a letter of concern to the provincial government about the quality and safety of Hwy. 12. ECA Review/Google Maps

He noted the chip repair debris isn’t unique to Hwy 12, he’s seen it on other highways as well.

As councillors discussed the highway’s condition, stating there are cracks on the highway that have obviously not been filled.

Whelan described Hwy 12 near Clive as “one of the crappiest roads in Alberta.”

During the discussion, councillors stated concerns involving the condition of Hwy 12 last winter as well.

It was stated during the meeting that the contractor responsible for maintaining Hwy 12 near Clive is Mainroad Alberta Contracting LP.

Councillors unanimously passed a motion that the Village of Clive send a letter to the provincial government and Mainroad voicing concern over the quality and safety of Hwy 12.

Stu Salkeld, Local Journalism Initiative reporter/East Central Alberta Review