Lacombe Ford donates vehicle to Lacombe Police for School Resource Officer Program

The Lacombe Police Service recently carried on a 20-year tradition, accepting a donated 2020 Ford Explorer from Lacombe Ford for the police service’s School Resource Officer program.

Lacombe Ford has donated the use of a new vehicle to the Lacombe Police Service School Resource Officer program for over 20 years, and the School Resource Officer uses the vehicle to help deliver prevention and education programs to Wolf Creek Public Schools in Lacombe.

LPS School Resource Office Reuben Geleynse said it was fantastic that Lacombe Ford has chose to carry on this tradition with LPS.

“It demonstrates a valuable community partnership Between Lacombe Ford, the Lacombe Police Service and also Wolf Creek Public Schools. It shows that Lacombe Ford not only believes in policing but also in the School Resource Officer Program,” he said.

The School Resource Officer Program allows LPS to build positive relationships between the police service and students in Lacombe, while also providing resources to WCPS staff.

“There is huge value in that and huge value in kids being able to hang out with a cop. They get to understand that police are not a big, scary thing and that police officers are regular people like everyone else,” said Geleynse.

Darren Gagnon, CEO of Lacombe Ford said it has been great to support LPS efforts to engage with the youth in Lacombe.

“Like every municipal government the police are challenged by economic restraints, and this is one way Lacombe Ford can give back to our community and support the police at the same time through this program,” he said. “ This, and the DARE program before, has always been in our spectrum of focusing on supporting local children’s and family causes.
We are happy to be able to be part of this great initiative.”