Red Deer small businesses biggest passion is for their family and community

Local entrepreneurs give their time and resources through volunteer work, sponsorship, and donations.  They also sit on local non-profit boards, participate in education, and coach sports.

The Coverall Shop’s many years of donations, sponsorships and volunteer work are a great example of this. Owner Jeremy Jablonski explains that “Community has always been part of our corporate fabric and culture. It’s so important to give back and support the community that supports us.”

Jack Wheeler of 360 Fitness has raised over $100,000 for various local charities in the past 10 years by holding creative fundraisers. Even during the recent lockdown, they managed to hold their biggest fundraiser of the year – Trainer Revenge, where clients donate money to train their coaches.

First Contact: Security Training and Personal Safety owner Erron Doering, and co-owners Tina Doering and Ryan LaFontaine, donate valuable services, including one that is rarely seen – by providing night security for the Flags of Remembrance on Highway 11A each year.

Back in January, Mercedes Messinger of Messinger Meats, announced 12 months of charitable giving to 12 different Red Deer charities. When COVID-19 lockdowns started, she decided that Messinger Meats would find a way to honour these commitments, and has found creative ways to support most of the charities. In addition, she made weekly donations to the Pregnancy Care Centre, as well as special donations to the Mustard Seed, and Safe Harbour. “It’s been a difficult year, but we still feel that we’re so much more fortunate than others, and want to support our community as much as we can” said Mercedes.

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