Lindsay Thurber music students offer ‘Quarantunes’ to community

The Lindsay Thurber Comprehensive High School music program will showcase their talents with virtual music telegrams.

Requests for Christmas ‘Quarantunes’ will be taken through to Dec. 11.

“We knew doing a concert was going to be next to impossible and our music parent society is always looking for ways to raise money for our program,” said Jennifer Mann, Director of Bands at Lindsay Thurber Comprehensive High School.

The purpose is to send a musical video telegram to a recipient of the participants. Participants can pay $10 a tune with proceeds going towards the band and choir programs at Lindsay Thurber.

Participants can choose tunes for each type of ensemble Lindsay Thurber has including three concert bands, small instrumental ensembles, two choir classes, the senior jazz band and the Ace Choir. A private YouTube link will be created featuring the video created for the recipient.

“Each group has a list of Christmas carols that we’re working on, and you can choose up to three carols per group,” said Mann. “In our order form, people also have the ability to pick a particular student if they want to send a tune to grandma or grandpa, for example. The student can then record a personal greeting to them.”

She added she is grateful to have a music parent society who thinks outside of the box to come up with new and innovative ideas.

“It’s been a real team effort and it’s neat to do something different. It gives the kids a performance goal – it’s not the same as being on stage at the Arts Centre, but it gives them something to work towards. And I think it will end up reaching more people then we would in a concert situation.”

Mann said she encourages people who would like to request a Christmas ‘Quarantune’ to do so as early as possible. The deadline for requests is December 11.

To order a Christmas Quarantune visit the Lindsay Thurber website. For more information, call Jennifer Mann or Andrew Snyder at 403-347-1171.

Islem Benzegoutta photo