Red Deer man wins $100,000

When Manuel Garcia Aguilar passed his LOTTO 6/49 ticket over to the cashier at a local store in Red Deer, he had no idea he’d be handed back a ticket worth $100,000.

The EXTRA on Garcia Aguilar’s ticket for the Oct. 21 draw matched the last six digits of the winning number, 1017058.

“I was definitely a little shocked!I was just trying to understand what was happening,” laughed Garcia Aguilar while claiming his prize in late November.

Garcia Aguilar picked up the winning ticket the day before the draw at the Clearview Shell at 120-62 Carleton Avenue in Red Deer.

Now that he has his winnings in hand, he says he’s still got to figure out what to do with the windfall.

“I’ll just bank it for now,” he said.