Blackfalds Lunch Box Pandemic Response Program has fed 3,877 children

BLACKFALDS – The Lunch Box Program pandemic response program that fed 3,877 children in 1,061 families from March through December of 2020 will continue.

The program, run by the Blackfalds Food Bank, Blackfalds Family and Community Support Services (FCSS) and After the Grind, started in March 2020 due to the pandemic and increased local families’ needs to provide food for their children.

“The program empowers families by giving them the supplies to prepare and provide their own breakfasts and lunches,” said FCSS Manager Sue Bornn.

“All Blackfalds families with children are invited to benefit from this program, and all personal information is kept confidential. We are confident that we have received enough financial support to continue this program until the end of the school year.”

Initiated to provide school-aged children with healthy lunches and snacks for school, the program quickly changed when schools shut down and were then expanded to include any local family with children, of any age. This pandemic response program fed 3,877 children in 1,061 families from March through December of 2020.  

The monetary donations from various community members, businesses, and organizations will allow the Lunch Box Program to continue for the foreseeable future and is available to any Blackfalds family, with children under 18.

The Blackfalds Food Bank has now settled into their new home in the old Community Services Department Shop, at 5014 Waghorn Street, there is plenty of room to accommodate donations to support the Blackfalds Food Bank needs and the Lunch Box program.

If you are interested in donating or accessing the program, please contact FCSS at 403-600-9066.