Red Deer resident wins $1M

Bradley Kwasny may have seen blue when he checked his WESTERN MAX lottery ticket, but he certainly wasn’t feeling blue when he discovered he won one million dollars.

“The clerk scanned my ticket and all of a sudden the display screen turned blue and froze,” he said, referencing the way lottery terminals freeze when validating a major prize. “We were silent for a moment and she asked, ‘Did you see all of those zeroes?’”

“I couldn’t believe it,” he continued. “This type of thing never happens to me!”

Kwasny purchased his Dec. 15 WESTERN MAX ticket at the 24 and 7 Convenience Store located at 49 Hinshaw Drive in Sylvan Lake. He returned to the store a few days later to check his ticket.

The winner says he is going to invest some of his windfall and look into buying a new truck.