Clive holding ‘Fun Fest’ this summer

CLIVE – The Village of Clive will hold its annual “Fun Fest” this summer even if it’s limited to COVID-friendly events. 

Councillors made the decision at their Feb. 22 regular meeting held via Zoom to meet pandemic rules.

Village Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Carla Kenney presented councillors with a list of proposed events for a 2021 Fun Fest and stated that by June it may be possible to hold outdoor social events.

Coun. Susan Russell said fireworks would be great and something people would look forward to. Russell noted the village should try to keep the event as “normal” as possible and trust people to follow pandemic rules. Russell said she also liked a scavenger hunt idea.

Coun. Jeremy Whelan stated some measures, such as people watching the fireworks from their cars, could be done rather easily.

Coun. Norma Penny agreed fireworks should be fine regardless of the pandemic situation, and both a parade and no-contact scavenger hunt should also work.

Kenney said if the event was to be held in June, the village normally begins planning at the end of February. 

Councillors passed a motion that the Village of Clive proceed with planning a 2021 Fun Fest.

Fire rules

Councillors provided more input on the proposed fire protection bylaw. Kenney noted the bylaw would allow fines to be moved onto a tax roll if left unpaid.

The topic of mesh screens over fire pits returned. A staff report noted Lacombe County requires such screens for fire safety, while other municipalities, like Sylvan Lake, don’t.

Coun. Hallman said she wasn’t sure the majority of residents would agree with the mesh screen requirement, and Coun. Penny agreed. Penny said she didn’t see a need for mesh screens.

Coun. Susan Russell said she understood the screens can help reduce fire risk.

Coun. Whelan said he also didn’t see the need for screens, as sparks can still get through mesh.

Mayor Henry said, if councillors include mesh screens in the bylaw, everyone should be expected to follow the rules.

Councillors decided staff would remove the mesh screen requirement, and simply encourage people to use them. The draft bylaw will return at a future meeting.

Addressing in Clive

Councillors unanimously approved second and third reading of the Addressing Bylaw, brought forward a few weeks ago after an instance where emergency personnel apparently had trouble finding a residence.

CAO Kenney stated first reading was already passed, it had been publicly advertised, the CAO has the authority to administer the bylaw and council has the authority to choose street names.

Coun. Hallman asked if, in violation, a resident will get at least one warning first before getting tickets. Kenney stated the village staff usually go warning first for everything before tickets are considered.

Mayor Henry noted penalties are listed in the bylaw.

In-person meetings

Mayor Henry asked her peers if they wanted to resume in-person meetings, or continue with Zoom over the internet. She said the provincial government is still encouraging councils to meet with Zoom.

Kenney stated in-person meetings could be done if all guidelines are followed, however, any delegations would have to be done virtually.

Coun. Hallman was in favour of continuing with Zoom to avoid any more pandemic expenses. Coun. Penny agreed but stated councillors should look at this again in April as Clive’s internet isn’t that great.

Mayor Henry said some provincial grant money might be available for COVID barriers in the village office.

Coun. Russell stated in-person meetings are always superior when it comes to understanding everything that’s going on.

Councillors decided to continue with Zoom for now but have staff look into the costs of barriers in the village office to accommodate council meetings.

By Stu Salkeld, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter / East Central Alberta Review