City of Lacombe accepts Echo’s 2021 Community Economic Development Strategy

LACOMBE – Lacombe City Council, at their March 22 regular meeting, accepted Echo Lacombe Association’s (Echo) 2021 Community Economic Development Strategy.

This inaugural, unique-to-Lacombe development strategy presented by Echo allows the organization to act as an economic development agency for the city.

“By further enhancing the reach of Echo, the city can further highlight Lacombe as business-friendly and community-focused,” said Mayor Grant Creasey.

The strategy is centred on four strategies including promoting economic growth, advancing Lacombe’s economic diversity, maintaining Lacombe’s high quality of life standard and stimulating business resiliency. It is bench marked with 15 new or continuing actions.

Highlights of the plan include promoting Echo Internet service, supporting DARP project priorities, and further developing strategies to limit the effects of COVID-19 restrictions on area businesses and non-profit groups.

Ongoing initiatives include managing the city’s energy retailer, Echo Energy; administering two city grant programs (Storefront Enhancement and Business Initiative); and maintaining Echo’s Community Economic Development Microsite.

“It is important to take this next step as an organization, “ Echo President Jared Reich said. “This strategy demonstrates alignment with City Council priorities and ensures we are delivering programs in a coordinated and responsible fashion.”

The strategy was preceded by the approval of the city’s Community Economic Development Bylaw (Bylaw 480), which empowers Echo to:

•Manage the City’s energy retailer, Echo Energy

•Offer a range of community economic development and other programs and projects

•Advance grassroots community economic development in Lacombe.

Echo, in the future, will present their updated strategy and priorities on an annual basis to council.