Blindman Brewing, and artists unveiling mural “The Alchemy of Flavour” in Lacombe

LACOMBE – AJA Louden and Clay Lowe, renowned muralists and graffiti artists have created a new work in Alberta’s Mural Capital, Lacombe. It is on the walls of local craft brewer, Blindman Brewing. 

“I’m going to be in trouble for saying this,” said Hans Doef, co-founder of Blindman Brewing. “But one of the best things to happen to Lacombe was when it burned down. After that they banned wood buildings so the city is full of beautiful brick buildings, which is rare in the prairies. These are now painted with great murals and it’s been 100 years so I think it’s ok to joke about the fire.”

This new artwork by AJA Louden and Clay Lowe installed at Blindman Brewing is a handcrafted landmark, celebrating the brewing process and the rich diversity of the flavours found in beers they love. 

They discovered our inspiration in the Blindman Brewing ingredients—water, malt, yeast and hops are celebrated and painted alongside patterns inspired by tasting and flavour notes and illustrations that capture more of the brewing process and culture. Their way of sharing a visual toast to craft, creativity and community built around great beer. While designing and painting this mural (including the river and lettering), they aspired to challenge our understanding of beer and to make visual the sensory experiences of flavour. 

“We hope you also discover something new each time you enjoy one of your favourite pints near the mural,” said Louden.

Lacombe’s downtown alleys are filled with images of the community in the late 1800s and 1900s that tell the stories of our first residents, farm families and businesses. The mural at Blindman Brewery carries on this storytelling tradition through AJA’s use of contemporary imagery.

On June 24 the mural will be unveiled along with a special cask beer brewed for the occasion. The artists will be on hand to speak about the piece and a video chronicling the entire process will be shown. 

These depict images of people working to build community and industry in Lacombe’s past, and Blindman strives to do the same in Lacombe’s future. 

The mural showcases the role of ingenuity and effort and pays homage to the ethos of Blindman Brewing, which is rooted in craft, creativity and community. It highlights the role of agriculture as a leader in Alberta’s past and future, especially amongst the barley fields of Lacombe Country. The productive lands of Central Alberta—the agricultural powerhouse of Alberta—acts as a touchstone for Blindman Brewing and this new mural cements that.