Free parking downtown Red Deer – for awhile

It will be easier to make a quick stop downtown Red Deer with free, temporary parking available in 215 street parking stalls.

Starting today, drivers will notice one in every five meters covered with a bag that states, “FREE PARKING 2 HRS”. The meters are located throughout downtown, wherever metered parking exists.

This initiative is part of the city’s Leading Forward project, and aims to increase the vibrancy of downtown and strengthen our downtown economy by offering easier access to local businesses.

“By providing temporary free parking options, we hope to reduce barriers and encourage residents and visitors to visit downtown businesses and attractions more frequently,” said Erin Stuart, Inspections and Licensing Manager. “Our goals include increasing vibrancy of the downtown core and demonstrating the city’s desire to support local businesses through their post-pandemic recovery.”

The initiative continues through December 31, 2021.

More information about downtown parking is available on the city’s website,