Red Deer RCMP target distracted drivers

RED DEER – Red Deer RCMP conducted a one-day distracted driving traffic operation in downtown Red Deer that resulted in 22 violation tickets issued and three Criminal Code charges.

On July 13, officers of the Downtown Patrol Unit set up at two locations, 49 Ave and 49 St, and 50 Ave and 53 St in the downtown core. Violation tickets were issued for distracted driving, along with one ticket issued for driving the wrong way down a one-way street.

“Distracted driving can have very serious consequences, especially on Red Deer’s busiest roads,” said Cpl Dwayne Hanusich of Red Deer RCMP.

“Motorists need to understand that distracted driving will not be tolerated.”

According to statistics from the CAA, distracted driving is one of the largest causes of collisions, injuries and death on Canada’s roads, contributing to 21 per cent of fatal collisions every year. Distracted driving includes using hand-held cell phones, entering information into a GPS unit, reading, personal grooming, and other activities that take a motorist’s attention off the road.

The penalty for distracted driving is a $300 fine and three demerit points.

To avoid distracted driving, motorists are encouraged to:

-Never text or check notifications while driving, even while at a red light

-Use hands-free or voice-activated devices

-Don’t groom yourself (i.e. applying make up, flossing)

-Pull over if you need to attend to a child or pet

-Keep your eyes on the road

-Keep two hands on the wheel at all times

The Red Deer RCMP plan to do several more distracted driving operations this summer and fall.